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This website is for everyone who wants to start making websites. No matter if you are a total beginner an intermediate or a pro. We believe that everybody can learn something new from time to time.

Making a website nowadays does not have to be rocket science anymore. The days when everything had to be coded by a professional are slowly gone. Drag & Drop page builders that provide solutions to the most common problems conquer the market. This gives almost everyone the change to create professional looking websites without even the need to acquire coding skills. These are the great news. However still you need to know how to start and what to consider when creating a website.

Therefore we think that everyone interested in learning how to make a website should have access to high quality resources that teach him or her how its done. We want to give you exactly this. We want to become the go to resource for you when you want to learn making a website.

As several complementary building blocks are to be considered when creating a website, we decided to group all our learning content into three main blocks:

Moreover all the articles have tags (e.g. Quick Tip, Guide, WordPress…). This helps you to quickly find the content you are searching for.

In order to complement our offer of high quality articles, we have also set up a decent resources section for you. These resources mainly include recommendation for tools e.g. for communication, web hosting, design tools, page builders and many more. Moreover we have also set up a list of free and premium WordPress Themes that can help you start your website.

Who we are

We are a group of web designers and developers with many years of experience in making websites. Together teamed up under the name CREATEBRILLIANCE – Media & Consulting. Next to working for our beloved clients we are also selling high quality Themes and Templates on the Marketplace Themeforest. Features of our work are on (amongst others) bestcss, csslight, niceoneilike and onepagelove. We served thousands of happy customers that rated us 5 out of 5 stars on the official Themeforest rating function.